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Art is the expression of the creative spirit held within. Makeup is the art of making oneself into a character. Our fully qualified specialists provide expertly crafted looks that will bring joy to your event, special day or photography shoot.

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Eternal Beauty Industry Makeup Services

Industry Looks

Are you planning an epic photo shoot and need the help of the experts to bring it all together? We are here to transform your dreams into a magical reality. Schedule your service below or contact us if you have advanced theatrical makeup requirements, as prices may vary.

  • Glamour Makeup
  • Editorial Makeup

Creative Looks

Something a little more fun? Have a halloween party that you absolutely must dress to impress? The Eternal Beauty team can create a sensational look that's certain to turn heads. Work with our advanced makeup artists to create that undeniable wow factor.

  • Costume Makeup
  • Performance Makeup
Eternal Beauty Creative Makeup Services
Eternal Beauty Wedding & Bridal Makeup Services

Wedding Looks

The ultimate experience is that day when you look into the eyes of your sweetheart and she the perfection mirrored back at your with the gaze of love. Your wedding day should represent that flawlessly perfect memory that both of you can return to visually and in spirit to remind you of your journey together. That is why it is so important that your makeup look and feel as real and authentic as possible for you on your big day. We suggest that we always do a dry run of the make-up look a few weeks before your wedding day to ensure we match the tones and colours of your skin, hair and dress perfectly and also so you approve the level of make-up we create for you. Some brides want simply elegance and some brides want a full covergirl look. We aim to please all ladies and gents and would be honoured to be part of your big day!

  • Bridal Makeup
  • Indian Wedding Makeup

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The Essence of Eternal Beauty

With all you become and all you are see the romance and beauty in life. Within shines a light of uniqueness of spirit that emanates outward. You are already perfect in all that you are, at Eternal Beauty Institute we merely seek to help you remember your own true beauty.

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