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Over time all skin loses its laxity and age spots and sun damage can appear from over exposure to light and to environmental and internal aging factors. Through various lasers and wave-based technologies, we can help assist your body to heal itself. Excess pigment that is trapped in the dermal lasers can be broken up and reabsorbed into the body causing it to disappear and revealing a flawless skin tone. Additional treatments to lift skin and decrease pore size can augment your youthful appeal and return your skin to its glory days!

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Eternal Beauty Laser Skin Tightening Services

Laser Tightening

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  • Laser/IPL Facial Skin Tightening
  • Laser/IPL Neck & Decollete Tightening

Pigment Correction

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  • Laser/IPL Face Pigmentation Removal
  • Laser/IPL Neck & Decollete Pigmentation Removal
  • Laser/IPL Hand Pigmentation Removal
Eternal Beauty Laser Pigment Correction Services
Eternal Beauty Laser Facial Services

Laser Facials

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  • Fire & Ice Facial
  • Feather Laser Facial

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The Essence of Eternal Beauty

With all you become and all you are see the romance and beauty in life. Within shines a light of uniqueness of spirit that emanates outward. You are already perfect in all that you are, at Eternal Beauty Institute we merely seek to help you remember your own true beauty.

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