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We need community and we need togetherness. Now more than ever, the world is beginning to understand that our greatest resource is the joy that comes through interconnection. Eternal Beauty Medispa has created a stunning event center that is focused on teaching the Art Of Living Well. Our dedicated teachers will bring enlightened perspectives on health, relationships, family dynamics, wellness, chronic pain management, anti-aging, longevity, life purpose discovery, beauty & transformation for all our Eternal Beauties & Beasts.

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Use our exsquisite white marble facilities to host your next big event and have everything you need at your fingertips. Give the gift of some R&R for your next gathering!

  • Wedding Parties
  • Corporate Events
  • Social Events
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Group Therapy

Monthly Activities

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In respect of the global pandemic we currently have no group activities scheduled. We are in the process of creating a free online mental health and wellness program that will assist those in need to find a better center point for stability into the future. Once regulations are lifted the following events will be held weekly at Eternal Beauty and be open to the public.

  • Classic Movie Night - a time to relax and enjoy classic cinema
  • Monthly Book Club - Inspired readings for contemplation
  • A Course in Miracles - study group
  • New Energy of Relationship Dynamics - monthly lecture series
  • Whole Body Healing - monthly lecture series

All of our classes will be by donation only and will require no fees for entrance. Wisdom and Love should charge no price as it is our human right to forge a life of understanding and joy.

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The Essence of Eternal Beauty

With all you become and all you are see the romance and beauty in life. Within shines a light of uniqueness of spirit that emanates outward. You are already perfect in all that you are, at Eternal Beauty Institute we merely seek to help you remember your own true beauty.

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