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Eternal Beauty Institute was founded in 2013 by Barbara McBean. Barbara's passion for the spa industry and clinical esthetics started early with her ownership of several wellness and spa businesses prior to the creation of Eternal Beauty Institute.

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The Eternal Beauty Medispa in Calgary is in an elevated location with a full spectacular view of our beautiful city skyline.

Why Eternal Beauty?

We understand what it takes to take our students to the next level. Through our passion and commitment we have built a beauty empire. We want to show you the stepping stones to creating your own, so dream big with us! Eternal Beauty operates on a progressive learning format that allows our students to make money while in school, to maximize their time and talents and to develop their skills and increase their business success.

Our boutique-style learning format is one-on-one with our instructors. You will work hand-in-hand with our experts as we navigate you through the exciting and lucrative world of beauty! We know business and branding are dedicated to pushing our students to become gurus in the industry and absolute masters of the art of esthetics.

The History

Eternal Beauty Institute was founded in 2013 in Calgary, Alberta Canada. For many years previous to formalizing the school, founder Barbara McBean was teaching privately a range of courses in permanent make-up and cosmetic tattooing modalities. Barbara would travel with a team to various professional beauty trade shows around North America to offer professional PMU and Skincare certification programs.

In 2013 the first small campus was opened in Calgary and the Colleges and Franchise has grown exponentially in the following past eight years. In 2014 many clinical esthetics programs were added and a team of medical professionals began to design the over 70 exciting and cutting edge curriculum.

Barbara wanted to create a progressive format that would allow women and men to enter the workplace with dynamic skills that sought after the world over by the beauty industry. From many successful years owning and running spas there are many isolated techniques that do not require long term programs but still offer excellent revenue returns for individuals that want a fast track to increasing their monthly income. Bridging this with the highest quality long term options for licensing and diplomas for beauty and esthetic programs and medical certifications.

Eternal Beauty is North America’s number one beauty school with progressive online and live in person campus courses. EBI is a boutique, luxury learning environment!

Eternal Beauty's Mission

Our Mission

May we all remain eternally beautiful …in mind, body and spirit. Through a diligent passion for the exceptional, the creation hope & success through creativity and the spirit of kindness. To teach and mentor others is the greatest pursuit one can undertake. A wise teacher holds the power to change the world

Eternal Beauty's Vision

Our Vision

As we gaze into the future…….we see a beautiful world. One in which our students can create unlimited success for themselves and their families. A world that is both equal and just. Where no matter the colour of your skin, the economic situation you find yourself or your level of education – you will become who you were meant to be. Within each of us there is a magic. There is the ability to go far beyond our wildest expectations. It takes courage and it takes handwork. Our vision and purpose is to help our students see this force and potential in themselves. To show our students the path to greatness; so that they too might create that same purpose for their own lifes work.

The Location

The building is the former site of Korite International; this building housed a myriad of crystals for many years. Ammolite is strategically placed into the structure of the building and you will feel a powerful high vibrational energy as soon as you enter the location. It is no accident that we have created a centre for healing and wellness in this exact location.

Our purpose is to usher in a new era of wellness and understanding of the body systems through multiple modalities and understanding of body, mind and spirit.

Is Alberta the new Sedona?

According to a "vortices listing" from the Becker-Hagen Planetary Grid Map, Central Alberta is a MAJOR energy zone. The Earth's energy field has an invisible electromagnetic grid system composed of energy pathways or leylines. The Irish called them "fairy paths", the Europeans "line songs" and the Chinese "dragon currents".

The Grid Map displays Earth's energy system as a geometrical patterned shape, similar to a crystalline structure, where the pathways intersect. These intersections create strong points of energy - each one is known as an energy vortex or a "meeting ground for invisible energy". These centres swirl with powerful light which is perfect for spiritual awakenings and healing.

Calgary exists along this energy grid and with the added activation power that the massive amounts of crystals and earth elements housed in this building created we were drawn to it - almost in an impossible and divinely beautiful series of synchronicities.

This building and its workers have created a beautiful space to help people recognize their full potential through seeing their own beauty within. We wish to impart the ancient knowledge of energy, thought and movement as well as the new technologies that harness some of these powerful forces in the universe. Such as our lasers which utilize light and crystal hand pieces to assist with all your beauty and anti-aging needs. Our wave-based devices that will help to contour and reshape your body. And all imaginable types of treatments that bring the spa and medi-spa experience into union. We also have a dedicated team of nurses and medical professionals that can assist you with weightloss, chronic pain management, total body healing, learning to create balance and calm within your daily life and our ultimate goal to bring peace to your spirit.

We are a collective team of practitioners that care deeply about educating our clients to lead their best lives. Eternal Beauty is a way of life - we do not think of ourselves as a business and more an institute that specializes in the transformation of body, mind and soul. We welcome you to our kingdom on the hill where once you enter our doors you are family.

Barbara McBean

The Founder

Barbara was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta Canada. From a young age Barbara was drawing, painting and sculpting and loved everything creative and artist. From this passion she began studying the art of beauty and fashion spending some time at the prestigious ACAD in fashion design. From there Barbara went on to follow her passion in academics attending both Kwantlen University in British Columbia and University of Calgary here in Alberta. While in University she pursued her dreams of make-up artistry, skincare and cosmetic tattooing by taking many courses in esthetics. This allowed her to open up her own spas and wellness tanning studios. Barbara’s passion for business started from a very young age when she started as a contract sculpture artist! Through the many years she has owned several beauty companies and brands (including VIDALASH, Scalp Design, Westend Dayspa, LushLips, Plasmalift) but eventually she put down her final entrepreneurial roots with EBI college. Her extensive background in owning many different types of businesses has allowed her to design exciting program formats that fit the lifestyles of students in the modern era.


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The Essence of Eternal Beauty

With all you become and all you are see the romance and beauty in life. Within shines a light of uniqueness of spirit that emanates outward. You are already perfect in all that you are, at Eternal Beauty Institute we merely seek to help you remember your own true beauty.

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